Does your brand speak the language of the ‘climate normal’?

Measure it and find out!

The government imposes rules and ban some ‘climate-friendly’ campaigns. But consumers have certain expectations too.

  • They want honest, credible campaigns, substantiated with details.
  • They want climate engagement and an understanding for the urgency.
  • They want solutions, in line with their expectations.

Do you want to know more about these aspects and expectations? You can read all about ‘em in this whitepaper

Consumers have expectations too

Master the language

An example of a credible campaign is Nespresso’s ‘’Do you recycle with us?”. It achieved top scores in all elements. Nespresso clearly showed it has mastered the “language of the climate normal”.

Today, brands are able to measure whether they have the talent to speak the “climate normal language”. In the graph below you can see how a certain food brand scores compared to the benchmark set by 9.7% of credible campaigns and the average of the food sector.

Most food brands obviously have not mastered the language. 80% of the campaigns we tested showed signs of greenwashing. This specific brand performs better but is still far from being credible. It scores lower than the benchmark in all elements.

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