Exposure of climate change disinformation and corporate greenwashing with AI

A lot is happening around the discussion of fossil fuels. From clean energy initiatives to debates over the environmental and economic impacts of continued use, it’s clear that these resources are an important part of our energy future. The expectations we have as consumers from leading companies like Shell and Total are more and more increasing. Consumers are expecting these companies to demonstrate their commitment to a more sustainable and secure energy future, as well as take an active role in climate change initiatives.

At the same time, it’s becoming more important for nations around the world to shift away from fossil fuels and prioritize renewable energy sources like wind, solar and hydroelectric power. Governments are incentivizing businesses to invest in renewable projects and put laws into place that will reduce emissions resulting from burning fossil fuels. This is leading to increased investment in renewable energies around the globe, which is necessary if we want to make any real progress toward reducing our dependence on oil and gas.

As a cross-border issue that greatly impacts our existence, it is crucial to recognize the complexity of the climate problem. Local policies alone will not suffice in solving this issue. Therefore, it is essential that industry leaders such as Shell, Total, and also tech companies step up and take a leading role in the transition.

Although it may seem like oil and gas companies such as Shell are not doing much, investigative journalists are actually putting pressure on them by reporting on their controversial projects and unkept commitments. It’s important to understand that these companies have a lot of work to do, but raising awareness and pushing back on these issues is the first step toward creating positive change. It is their responsibility to commit to making a change and we promise to make sure that we supervise that they do.

Fortunately, we have a lot of support from big tech who can help with that. Where we discovered in 2021 that big tech was actually contributing to greenwashing and helping tech giants with shady ads and all different shades of greenwashing, big tech is now under te loop as well. Especially with Artificial Intelligence, it is easier to track and point out shady ads and companies who try to greenwash their product or service.

One of those great AI-tools is Eco-Bot. Eco-Bot is a great tool to point out, in real time, companies that try greenwashing. Not only can this help us recognize the difference between what is true and false but also help us push back on greenwashing. By using Eco-Bot, we can make sure that companies like Shell and Total are held accountable for their actions.

In summary, it is clear that there is a lot of work to be done in order to move away from fossil fuels and transition to renewable energy sources. We need governments, industry leaders, and tech companies all playing an active role in making this change happen. With the help of tools such as Eco-Bot, we can ensure that these companies are held accountable for their actions and ensure a more sustainable future for us all.

Richard Naipal

Questions? Feel free to reach out [richard] [at] [Bubka.be].

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