RMB and radio partners will also now analyze the credibility of sustainable advertising with Bubka

RMB is aiming to be a driving force in the transition to a more responsible advertising ecosystem, and as a part of this positioning, they are launching in the South. Similarly to the Var, they will conduct a reference study on the credibility of “sustainable” radio campaigns. The project is being led by Bubka, an expert on the subject, and it is being carried out in collaboration with RTBF, NGroup, and LN RADIO. The results of the research will be made public in September.

Bubka and Prof. Dr. Gino Verleye from Ugent, IMEC, and VUB conducted a study on the communication impact of sustainable brands in 100 TV and video spots broadcasted in Belgium at the end of 2021. They aimed to determine the success criteria for a sustainable spot. In early 2023, Bubka conducted a similar study on sustainable radio spots in the northern part of the country commissioned by Var. As part of their “sustainability” strategy, RMB has asked Bubka to conduct an impact study on sustainable radio spots broadcasted on the channels of their media partners in the southern region of the country.

The RMB/Bubka project, with participation from RTBF, NGroup, and LN RADIO, aims to identify the factors that determine the credibility of sustainable campaigns, as seen in two previous studies. The project’s second objective is to provide responsible advertisers with insights to produce authentic impacts at the end of their campaigns. The analysis will involve studying about a hundred radio spots covering various brand sectors.

Both the RMB and Var research use the same methodology and questionnaire, allowing for analysis at the national level. The RMB study compares perceptions of sustainability criteria in brand communications between the North and the South. The RMB/Bubka study will ask new questions based on previous observations to generate new insights.

According to Valérie Janssens, the Development Director at RMB, they have initiated several efforts with their media partners to enhance the visibility of committed sustainable advertisers. The objective of this study is to assist them to comprehend the key aspects of their sustainable communication. For change to have a meaningful impact, it must be genuine and desirable. NGroup, RTBF, and LN RADIO are already striving in this direction in their respective media outlets, and they came together for this exclusive project in the southern part of the country.

Wim Vermeulen, Strategy & Sustainability Director at Bubka: “We have known since 2021 that the language we use to encourage overconsumption does not work for sustainable development. Sustainability has its own language and we have been able to define its five characteristics. It’s a good thing that RMB is going down this path, because it allows more advertisers to find out what the codes of credible sustainable communication are, what levers drive action and how they can apply them to their own sustainable advertising. The sooner consumers trust companies’ communications and appreciate their efforts toward greater sustainability, the greater the resulting behavior change will be, and the more we can accelerate our transition to a sustainable society. And we all know that that one is proceeding far too eagerly.”