Shell CEO decides to shift away from fossil fuels

Dutch spoken with English subtitles

The movie created by Wefilm is stunning in all aspects. In the video, the captains of industry of the most polluting companies in The Netherlands held a meeting to discuss climate change, which may lead to genuine and long-term effects.

However, it is important to note that the movie is fictional and depicts a hypothetical scenario where the major polluting companies take decisive action to combat climate change. To actually halt the climate change. But hold on, what if this would be true..?

As mentioned in the book “Speak up Now” by Wim Vermeulen it all starts with social norming and accepting (corporate) responsibility as an organization. The traditional business model of excessive profits and growth is actually the bankruptcy of our society. These companies must acknowledge their responsibility for the impact they have on the planet and prioritize the planet’s and people’s well-being by altering their business model. Stop focussing on the profit, but what does it really cost? What is the true price we are paying?

We can go over it into more detail, but if you are a key player within your industry and you have that little voice telling you that your company needs to shift as well. Look at the movie again, read “Speak up Now” and dare to imagine how it would be if you dared to change. Know that, we are with you as the whole planet is at this moment.

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