Bubka’s ‘Suspension of Disbelief’-model gets international recognition on WARC

MM announced that we can now call ourselves the most innovative agency of Belgium for a whole year. And that’s something we’re extremely proud of. Of course, that title didn’t just come out of thin air. It’s the fruit of about 18 months hard labour.

The groundbreaking research Bubka conducted and its surprising results have been published on the World Advertising Research Center! WARC is without a doubt the leading platform to help advertisers and agencies to improve the effectiveness of marketing initiatives and campaigns.

The research was a team effort in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Gino Verleye (UGent and VUB), Nielsen en iVox. Its results led to the development of the ‘Suspension of Disbelief’-model.

We had 800 Belgian participants judge over 100 campaigns that talk about sustainability. The outcome was horrendous. Almost every campaign failed horribly in terms of credibility. However, the responses from our test audience helped our research team to distill useful information and tools to talk about sustainability in a truly credible way.

The ‘Suspension of Disbelief’-model has now been recognized by WARC, launching Bubka on an international platform. You can read the article here.

Are you interested to know more about our research? You can download the official white paper ‘Navigating the Credibility Deficit’.