Create Sustainable Impact (with a little help from Bubka)

Corporate sustainability is key to saving the planet and the survival of mankind. Effective communication on your efforts is the key to the survival of your brand. We offer 5 initiatives to help you succeed.

It’s no secret that sustainability is quickly becoming one of the most important drivers for any company or brand to grow stronger. And with good cause. This is, after all, “The Decade of Action”. We have 10 years to limit global warming.

Recent research also proved that sustainable efforts have a very positive financial impact on brands and organizations. On one condition: talk about these efforts the right way and make sure consumers believe you.

We created a model called the Suspension of Disbelief to help you convince your target audience.

The model is just one of 5 ideas and initiatives Bubka can offer you to take your advertising and communication efficiency to a level that let’s you stand out and grow strong. In sustainable fashion.

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movie screening & and panel discussion

How do you introduce and implement the idea of sustainability within your own organization?

‘The Decade of Action’

The 35-minutes long documentary ‘The Decade of Action’ features a number of internationally renowned marketers and decision makers who share their vision on the planet’s future. It’s a true eye-opener for everyone who is involved with his or her brand’s growth.

The subsequent panel discussion or Q&A will be well-researched, tailored to your brand and relevant for all involved stakeholders.


How do you develop a sustainability strategy and how do you make sure the strategy is being carried out within your company?

Sustainability Strategy Workshop

There is only one way to make a sustainability strategy succeed: the whole organization needs to be on the same page and take part in the initiatives within the company.

However, it’s not easy to determine which aspects of corporate sustainability suit your brand or company best. This workshop will help you find them.
Interviews with decision makers help us – and you – to outline insights and formulate initiatives during the session.


Find out how valuable sustainability can be for your brand and which communication drivers work, based on proper research and numbers.

Sustainable Brand Scan

Do you know what your target audience thinks is important when it comes to sustainability?

The Sustainable Brand Scan is a quantitative research model, developed by Bubka and UGent with the purpose of helping brands find answers and opportunities in sustainability.

  • We determine the sector’s sustainability values, how different brands score and where your opportunities are.
  • We define possible communication drivers and test their credibility, relevance and understandability with target audiences.

We can provide local, national and international results of these tests along with insights in differences between generations and motivational aspects.


How do you make sure consumers believe your communication and choose your brand? We help you develop a campaign with a smart tool.

Suspension of disbelief

Are you ready to make your target audience believe your communication and choose your brand for the rest of their lives?
Then let’s develop a campaign together!

We use the Suspension of Disbelief Trilemma to disperse with all reservations your target audience may have when it comes to your brand.

You prove you’re committed to your sustainability strategy and we make them believe. Sounds good?
Then let’s get to work!