Innovation and Inspiration: Wim Vermeulen’s ‘Speak up now!’ Nominated for PIM Marketing Literature Prize 2023

Wim Vermeulen’s book, ‘Speak up now!’, has been nominated for the prestigious Marketing Literature Prize (MLP) by the Platform for Innovation in Marketing (PIM) for 2023. This nomination is not only a tribute to Vermeulen’s expertise but also an acknowledgment of the importance of sustainability in today’s marketing world.

The Marketing Literature Prize, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is renowned for highlighting exceptional works that make a significant contribution to the field of marketing. This year, the award ceremony will take place in a festive setting on November 28, 2023, at ACE in Amsterdam. The event promises to be more than just an award ceremony; it’s an opportunity to meet and learn from some of the most influential marketing experts of the past year.

‘Speak up now!’ by Wim Vermeulen stands out for its focus on sustainability within marketing. The book not only provides practical insights but also stimulates a crucial conversation about how marketing can contribute to a more sustainable world. In an era where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, this book offers a timely and relevant perspective.

The competition is strong, with other notable nominees such as Charida Dorder’s ‘AI in Marketing’ and Hanneke Vogels’ ‘Salestech’, which also provide groundbreaking insights in the field. The diversity and quality of the nominated works underscore the richness and evolution of the marketing profession.

According to jury member and former winner Egbert Jan van Bel, this selection emphasizes the progressiveness of marketers in the Dutch language area. The focus on value creation and the technological aspects of marketing – including the role of AI – receive special attention. The nominated books are not only theoretically strong but also contain practical and educational cases, highlighting their value in practice.

This event is a unique opportunity for marketing professionals and enthusiasts to come together, gain new ideas, and network with leading figures in the field. The award ceremony at Club ACE promises to be an inspiring gathering, where various disciplines, cultures, and perspectives come together to further develop the field of marketing collaboratively.

Wim Vermeulen’s nomination for ‘Speak up now!’ emphasizes the importance of innovative and sustainable approaches in marketing. It serves as a reminder that in a rapidly changing world, books like this are essential for nourishing our knowledge and stimulating progress in the field. Let’s look forward together to November 28, when the winner of the PIM Marketing Literature Prize 2023 will be announced. It’s an exciting time for Wim Vermeulen and all others who contribute with passion and dedication to the future of marketing.

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